10 plants with large impressive flowers

We all love flowers! They are the most beautiful we meet in nature and they charm us every time we see them in our garden and yard with wonderful combinations of harmonious shapes and impressive colors.

Each flower has its own unique beauty and a feature that makes them even more impressive is the size. Large flowers, no doubt, have their own fanatical fans and are a reference point for gardening friends. They stand out among the other plants in the garden with their irresistible charm, and flood us with color and optimism.

Large flowers are ideal to create a beautiful flower garden in our home, to make wonderful bouquets that we will give to our loved ones, as well as to keep them in a vase and to decorate our living room or office.

Plants with large flowers for the garden and balcony

Let’s see what are the most beautiful plants with large flowers to plant in our garden and balcony and enjoy their impressive flowering.

1. Dahlia

Large and impressive flowers, the first plant that comes to mind is the dahlia, the popular tuberous plant that is planted all over the world.

We will find varieties of dahlias with different shapes and sizes of flowers, as well as in incredible colors, from white, cream, yellow, to pink, purple, orange, red and even dark red that is almost black.

The beautiful dahlia flowers are an extremely popular choice for vase decoration. Dahlias need several hours of sunshine to give us their rich flowering.

So we choose a sunny place in our garden, protected from strong winds, to plant them.

2. Hydrangea

We continue with the hydrangea that stands out for its wonderful large flowers, in white, pink or blue color, although now we will find varieties in purple, yellow, red and orange shades.

In addition to the shrub varieties of hydrangea, there are also climbing hydrangeas that are particularly impressive. Hydrangea flowers remain beautiful even when dried, retaining their ornamental value, and are an excellent choice to decorate in a vase.

Hydrangea grows best and blooms in semi-shady and cool places as it loves heat, humidity, but not bright direct sunlight. It is resistant to frost and low winter temperatures, however it is sensitive to strong winds and especially the north winds.

3. Amaryllis

The list of the most impressive and large flowers could not but include the amaryllis that fascinates us with the huge colorful flowers that project on long strong stems.

There are many varieties of amaryllis that are planted both in flower beds in the garden and in pots on the balcony, and give us their wonderful flowers at the end of winter, the season when amaryllis bloom.

The countless color combinations of amaryllis flowers are based on white, red, orange, yellow and pink with beautiful two-tone colors that have characteristic streaks.

Amaryllis can be grown without soil and grown in water to give us its impressive flowers using a special vase that has a narrow mouth to place its bulb.

4. Roses

Of course, we should not forget the rose, the most widespread and recognizable ornamental plant with fanatical fans all over the world, which has varieties with large flowers, fragrant, in wonderful colors and impressive designs.

Roses to decorate with beautiful flowers in a vase, as well as to make unique bouquets. We choose special shrub varieties, with a large flower shoot, suitable for cut flowers to plant in our garden.

The rose loves the sun, so we choose sunny places for planting, in order to have a rich growth with more flowers. Even in a semi-shady position, the rose can survive by giving us enough flowers. When we plant roses in a pot.

5. Camellias

The camellia, the impressive flowering ornamental shrub that stands out for its glossy foliage and its beautiful single or double flowers in white, pink and red, also gives us great wonderful flowers.

A plant of unique ornamental value, the camellia reaches a height of 2-3 meters and blooms from late January to mid-May. We choose a relatively shady and cool place for the camellia, protected from strong winds.

The camellia suffers in hot and dry climates, as well as when it is in direct exposure to the sun. Especially the intense morning sun in combination with the high temperature after the night frost causes a significant drop of its flowers.

6. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is one of the most popular flowers in the garden that gives us impressively large flowers, white, purple, red, orange and pink that emerge among its characteristic triangular toothed leaves.

The most famous species of hibiscus is the Syrian that blooms in summer and autumn and its numerous flowers are preserved only for 1-2 days.

Hibiscus loves sunny places and thrives in places sheltered from wind currents, especially from the north. In sunny places, hibiscus has richer flowering while in semi-shady places, the appearance of flowers is limited.

Hibiscus is quite sensitive to low temperatures, as it loses its foliage and freezes when the temperature drops to zero.

7. Lilium

Lilies are one of the most beloved bulbous flowers that give us a wonderful bloom with their large and impressive lilies.

The flowers of lilies have different shapes and are found in the form of a cup, bell or trumpet, while they have many colors from white and pink to orange, red and yellow.

Those who win the impressions are the Oriental lilies that stand out as they have large flowers and an intense sweet aroma.

Most lilies bloom in the summer and are an excellent choice for planting in pots, as well as to create a wonderful colorful backdrop in our garden.

Lily lilies are ideal flowers to decorate in a vase in the living room and in our office, as they can be kept for at least 2-3 weeks.

8. Trumpet of Angels

Particularly impressive flowers are given to us by Brugmansia (Brugmansia), also known as datura or trumpet of angels.

Originally from South America, the trumpet of angels has rich foliage and large leaves, reaches a height of 2-3 meters and stands out for its huge trumpet-shaped flowers that spread on its shoots and reach a length of 15-20 cm .

Its flowers have different colors from white, cream, yellow, pink to purple and we can choose the variety that suits us. The trumpet of angels thrives in subtropical climates that are both humid and warm.

We prefer semi-shady places as it suffers from the intense midday sun of summer. It is sensitive to low temperatures, as well as strong winds.

9. Zinia

In our list of plants that have large beautiful flowers is zinnia the annual ornamental plant that impresses with the variety of colors and shapes of flowers.

There are varieties of zinnias with flowers that reach up to 20 cm in diameter and are used in bouquets or vases for cut flowers.

Zinnias have strong upright shoots with a length of half to one meter and large flowers that remain in bloom throughout the summer.

Zinnia is a plant of warm climate and needs relatively sunny and sheltered places to thrive. It must be planted in rich and well-drained soils to have growth and rich flowering.

10. Sunflower

And for the end of this interesting list of plants that have large beautiful flowers, the sunflower is the favorite summer plant that we plant to decorate our garden or balcony to give us its impressive flowering.

The dwarf varieties of sunflower, which reach up to 40-50 cm in height, are suitable for pots, while for the garden we prefer the tallest varieties that exceed one meter and are also edible.

The characteristic color of sunflower flowers is yellow but now new varieties of sunflower have been created in shades from light yellow to red and brown.

Sunflower is suitable for the arid conditions of our Mediterranean climate and needs plenty of direct sunlight to grow and thrive.

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