4 Reasons why a suspended ceiling is ideal!

Plasterboard suspended ceilings are one of the most common choices in the field of construction. The reasons for this are many, as drywall as a material gathers many benefits and advantages that make its choice a very smart move.

What is the procedure followed in suspended ceiling?

For the construction of a suspended ceiling with plasterboard, the following tasks are very simple. The specialized craftsmen of our platform, informed us about the steps that follow in the installation of a suspended ceiling with plasterboard. At the beginning, a metal frame is placed, at least one layer of plasterboard is applied and then they are plastered and trowelled. The repairs that are needed are minimal and that is why its installation is very easy and fast. But apart from the easy installation, the plasterboard suspended ceiling has a lot more to offer you.

What are the main benefits of plasterboard suspended ceilings?

Plasterboard suspended ceilings are distinguished for both aesthetic and practical reasons. In the following list you will find all the benefits that you will ensure by choosing the false ceilings with plasterboard:

1. Good insulation of the space

Plasterboard suspended ceilings offer unique sound insulation and effectively protect against annoying noises. At the same time they have good thermal insulation properties preventing constant changes in room temperature and saving money on heating and cooling costs.

2. Stability & Durability

Suspended ceilings and plasterboard partitions are very resistant both to the passage of time and to various stresses. They help in fire protection and are not affected by earthquakes.

3. Low Cost & Maximum Functionality

Plasterboard suspended ceiling construction, although it is possible at very affordable prices, can be very useful and serve many different needs. Combining low cost and high quality, they are increasingly preferred for various constructions.

4. High Aesthetic Result

Plasterboard suspended ceilings can be painted and processed very easily to match any style you want and create a unique result. The options you have are many and there are no design restrictions. From the above it is obvious that the plasterboard suspended ceiling is an excellent choice for any space renovation and if you wish to install it.

In what cases is the plasterboard suspended ceiling used?

Plasterboard suspended ceilings have many applications, which can be summarized as follows:

  • To cover imperfections such as cables, pipes, etc.
  • For installation of hidden lighting
  • For decorative reasons and elaborate constructions
  • For the soundproofing of a room
  • To cover heating and ventilation systems

Plasterboard suspended ceilings are selected for both business premises and homes as with the appropriate treatment they can cover even the most special case. But in order to have a satisfactory result that will last over time, the secret lies in good placement.

What are the benefits of a suspended ceiling?

The first and most immediate benefit, as you can understand from what we wrote above, is of course the aesthetic upgrade of the space in which this construction will be placed. The suspended ceiling can “lower” and reduce a high ceiling space or can be the “base” for the installation of hidden lighting.

In general, a suspended ceiling can take any shape, design and color the owner of the space thinks, since our experienced workshops are able to easily and quickly complete all projects. Whatever your vision for your space and its roof, our craftsmen will make it a reality.

But beyond these aesthetic benefits, there are “practical”. The first and biggest benefit of suspended ceilings is the fact that they provide perfect insulation, which makes them ideal for those who want to have a place that is cool in summer and warm in winter, but without high costs in heating and air conditioning.

It is understood that thanks to their insulating properties they can significantly reduce the so-called energy footprint of the space in which they are placed, thus contributing to the reduction of electricity and heating bills but also to the protection of the environment.

Suspended ceilings can also be used to “regulate” the noise and sounds generally produced in a space. It can be used to soundproof a store located in an apartment building or in another area where the noise of the stores is not tolerated.

However, suspended ceilings can also improve the acoustics of a space, which is why we often find them in conference centres and event venues in general.

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