Montclair painting

The painting colors on the walls of the house are one of the most basic elements, as they give it character. They function as the main core, which will determine the entire decoration of each space. Painting the interior of the house requires brainstorming, in order to make the right color choices in Montclair.

Also, if you decide to make this change, you need to choose colors and styles depending on the space, their size and of course, consequently to suit your personal style. After all, every house is the imprint of our character.

Below is a guide to the 5 color categories and a list of ideas for painting of each room.

1. Basic colors

The given colors are important, as they are the basis for other colors. These include: red, green, yellow and blue. They are also the colors associated with modern styles, such as the Pop art style. You can apply them on small walls, to give more color.

2. Bright colors

Bright colors come from the spectrum of light. They are important as they have the ability to enlarge the spaces, to give the visual impression of brightness and to create an illusion of depth. They are suitable for all rooms, but especially for those that are smaller, so that they look more spacious and comfortable.

Also, white is a bright background color, it matches everything and is ideal for walls where you want to place paintings. Coffee and green, which are ideal for the library or office, also belong to this category.

3. Natural colors

This category is directly related to the colors of nature. They are ideal for bedrooms, as they provide warmth, comfort and relaxation. All earthy shades can give the space a sense of intimacy.

4. Intense colors

Intense colors include mainly the darkest tones, such as blue and orange. They are ideal if you want to give more warmth. They are also shades that highlight the house and give it personality.

However, it would be good to use them as the basic colors, i.e in small areas or alternatively in large rooms, so that the space does not seem limited.

5. Painting styles

If you want a more modern or alternative effect on the walls, you can choose a painting style. One idea is to turn a wall, for example, into a blackboard or paint it with a sponge to create vague shapes. Wallpaper installation is also another option.

Different painting ideas for each room

Living room

The living room is usually the largest space in the house. This fact, therefore, automatically gives you more freedom in choosing colors. One choice may be beige or white. Colors that are neutral, give prestige, make the space more chic and can be very easily combined with accessories and furniture.

Also, white can be used, if you like the minimal classic style. Chocolate, in addition, is easily combined with accessories and gives warmth and elegance. If on the other hand you want something more modern, choose shades such as green and turquoise, for a more playful style.


The shades that suit the kitchen are light gray and off-white. They are ideal if you have stone benches and cabinets. In fact, gray does not get dirty easily, while off-white gives more depth than white. If you want a more retro style, prefer bright green or petrol, bright colors that give character to your kitchen.

Dinning room

The dining room is the place where friends or family usually gather. Coffee – mink is the right color, as it conveys the warmth and the feeling of hospitality, which are important for this room.

Another option may be the blue-raff, which offers the balance between relaxation and luxury, with a more dramatic style. Also, burgundy, although heavier, can offer more warmth to the dining room.


The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms. Choose shades that will be discreet and will not narrow the space further.

A good idea is the beige – gray, soft and comfortable color, which is easily combined with white as well as with pastel shades in the bathroom accessories. If you want a more vintage effect, choose the shade of mint.


The bedroom is characterized mainly by its more earthy shades. You can choose between olive, khaki or beige. These colors give warmth, comfort and convey the aura of the “classic”.

Also, ice white and sugar white are shades, which are characterized by their elegance. Finally, you can choose the gray – light blue, for a more intimate and bright room.

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