Design Your Own Wedding Dress


Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Would not it be nice if you create your own bridal gown on your wedding day? Of course it would be. Since you get the chance to make a declaration with all the variations you want to produce in your wedding dress.

Today, since of the introduction of technology and easy access to understanding, increasingly more brides-to-be are getting into designing their own wedding dresses. Unlike before when understanding is restricted in terms of design and its technicalities, contemporary brides can have their dream wedding dress created by themselves with the help of Fashion Kalogirou. Now, they can see their dream wedding dress produced prior to their very own eyes the way they want it to be.

Factors to consider in developing your own wedding dress.

If you are the type of bride who would want to look totally special, then you must discover how to create your own wedding dress. This task might seem daunting at first, but you should get rid of that “I could not do it” mindset and start working.


If you want to design your own wedding event dress is time, one of the significant factors to consider. This is because the job itself would require many time specifically if you don’t have innate propensity for creating. Now is the finest time to get begun on it. You should familiarize yourself with the fundamentals if you believe you have more than enough time to design your own wedding event dress.

Research study

The first thing that you require to do is to conduct a research study, . This research study needs to consist of the different physique for each wedding dress. Various wedding dress shapes, materials that you can used, styles that remain in trend, cuts that will fit you, colours, and fundamental stitching details.

Body type

Before you continue, it is extremely crucial for you to determine your body type in order to know which gown shape would look excellent on you. If you have a high frame, practically any style of wedding event gown would look excellent on you. If you are pear shaped, it is safe to stick with A-line princess cut to avoid exposing your waist.

Dress shapes and cuts

You ought to also familiarize yourself with various dress shapes and cuts for wedding event dress including straight line, empire cut, ball dress, mermaid, and others so you can create your own variation if needed.

Considering that you are simply beginning. It is best to speak with a seamstress or tailor about the fabric for your dream wedding event gown. This would also guarantee that you wouldn’t be purchasing the wrong type of gown for your gown.

If you want to create your own wedding dress, you can do it in two methods: by conventional sketching or utilizing the “design your own wedding dress” programs in different bridal sites in the Internet.

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Bag Types… The Real World Dictionary


Bag Types or Bag Styles

When shopping for a new handbag or everyday bag you may find yourself a little confused by the overwhelming number of bag types or styles you may come across. What’s the difference between a handbag and a tote? A clutch and a wristlet? Or a satchel and a hobo? Which design is right for you? When and what are they used for? Many of you may already know the differences, but this little write up is for those who want a little more guidance.

Shopping for a new bag can be confusing. Sure, you may have seen one you like or a style that takes your fancy- but where do start your search for one? Start by knowing the basic “bag types“.

Let’s keep it simple and take a look at the most common bag types

Get yourself across the 6 basic types of bag styles that are the most popular with today’s shoppers.

  • Handbag bags

A handbag could be considered a generic name for any ladies everyday bag. But for the purpose of categorising bag types, a handbag is your typical, conventional everyday bag identified by having a large main storage compartment. Usually a zippered, buckled or buttoned-up opening at the top. A main feature is for a handbag to have a pair of small carry handles allowing it to be easily carried around by hand (giving it its namesake of ‘handbag’). A lot of handbags often have the option of a shoulder strap that can be clipped on or off as needed giving the bag a dual-carrying design. (Other variants include hobo, evening bag, cross-body bag, bowlers bag, shoulder bag, safari bag)

  • Totes bags

A Tote is similar to a handbag in the way that it has a large main compartment for storage and a pair of carry handles. A typical design of a tote is they taper out at the top to allow the opening to open wide making to easier to search the contents. Usually a tote doesn’t have a way of closing the entry or opening but in saying that this isn’t a definitive rule as you may still find a ‘tote’ style design with a zipper or clasp as a way of securing the bag to stop things falling out or to secure the contents from theft. (Other variants include shoppers, half moon bag, swagger, bucket bag, beach bags)

  • Satchel bags

A satchel is a very popular bag style as they are small (large enough for an ipad or exercise book) yet still practical. They are characterised by the opening being more like a flap that folds down over one side opposed to having the opening at the top (kind of like an envelope). Many designs of satchels are available the shapes can range from rectangle, square, round to the shape of animals and cartoon characters. The handle is usually a single, long, thin shoulder strap that is often worn across the body for comfort. (Other variants include envelope, canteen)

  • Messenger bags

A messenger bag in some ways are very similar to a satchel however they are much larger in size and are usually a more rectangle shape. They are popular with both men and women and many people utilise these bags for carrying technology such as iPads and laptops as well as paperwork, books and documentation. They are popular with urban professionals for this reason. The straps are usually a long shoulder strap that is wider and more durable than the straps found on satchels. Designed to worn across the body for comfort. Many people who ride push bikes to work will prefer a messenger bag for their ability to easily carry all the important stuff comfortably. (Other variants include school bag, cross-body)

  • Hobos bags

A hobo bag is conventionally just a deviation of a normal handbag but hobos are identified by the shape of the top opening section being a crescent shape and will tend to ‘sag’ in the middle in its natural state. Simply just a design of bag rather than ‘type’ but you will find this name thrown about when shopping for a new bag. They are popular because the can often hold a good amount stuff. (Other variants include crescent bag, half moon bag)

  • Clutches bags

A clutch is simply a small rectangle bag that has no handles. You ‘clutch’ it with your hands and carry it with you. Many clutches will have small wallet styled features inside for money and cards etc. These are a popular option when carrying a full sized bag is either not necessary or inconvenient. You may see the word wristlet used, these are basically just a small clutch with a carry strap on one side big enough to slide you hand through and have it hung from your wrist.

In Summary

If you are a true bag aficionado then perhaps the above descriptions are a little basic, but for the rest of us they are a great reference and starting point for unravelling the maze of bag shopping.

You may often see more then one of the above bag types used to describe the one handbag style- its not uncommon for many bag designers to incorporate the best features of more than one bag type to create hybrids.

At the end of the day however, if you don’t really care about the ‘style’ or the bag type you will simply just shop with your eyes and make you decision of which bag you like the most and which bag is going to suit your needs perfectly.

Happy Shopping!

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The Story of Roberto Cavalli


The story of Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli is not a usual fashion designer. His great contribution in the fashion industry made his Cavalli Clothes and accessories, one of the most famous Brands, all over the world.

Roberto Cavalli did not grow surrounded  by fashion, but in his home he found art, colours and a sense of creativity. He was born in Florence on November 15, 1940, in a family already using his short trade tools: paintbrushes and pallets.

His grandfather was Giuseppe Rossi – a prominent exponent of Macchiailo’s iconographic trend, which was founded in Florence in the mid-19th century and whose works were already painted in the monumental rooms of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

His father died when he was only four years old and then he found the power and guidance of his mother Marcella, who played a fundamental role in Roberto’s decision to study Fine Arts.

Cavalli’s Dream

Once Roberto finished his studies at the Florence School of Fine Arts, he knew his future would go far beyond the opportunities offered by formal training. His way to success was elsewhere: in the world of imagination, invention, creativity.

Roberto Cavalli painted, but did not spend much time in front of his canvas. Instead he painted a lot through his work. Roberto often traveled to Como, home of the most famous Italian silk makers.

Cavalli’s Contribution

Through the observation of the working looms – and of the silk printed there – he made an innovative printing technique that allowed him to print his designs in whole garments, which were interrupted only by ornaments and seams. For the silk industry, his work was truly innovative.

Cavalli began his career in 1965 when he was 21 years old, painting t-shirts with a girl he knew from the art school. Roberto soon found himself handling a studio with sixteen people and managing all the work for which he was assigned. This was the beginning of Stampa Cavalli (Cavalli Printing), almost a trademark, which is recognizable beyond all counterfeit attempts. However, the world of fashion saw him and soon gave him the opportunity he needed to be part of the greatest Fashion eshop.

Cavalli’s Work

It was in 1969. Florence hosted a large world shoe exhibition. Roberto met with Mario Valentino, a name that made history in the Italian fashion world and then appreciated generally for his leather clothes. The two went to the exhibition with the idea of ​​using the same technique of printing on the leather that has already been used in silk. In a very short period of time, the skin prints were signed by Mario Valentino, Pierre Cardin and Hermès, and then Cavalli thought “why could not they have the label named Roberto Cavalli?”

February 1970 Paris, Salon du Prêt-à-Porter. A new brand has stood out among others on the international fashion scene: Roberto Cavalli. General surprise and immediate success followed when the evening dresses and swim costumes made of printed leather appeared on the catwalk. But for Roberto that was not enough. He returned to Florence and decided to transfer his creativity to an unexpected element and bring it to the fore: jeans.

In 1972, in the Sala Bianca (White Room) of Pitti Palace in Florence, patchwork trousers, mini dresses, leather long jackets and jeans became the centerpiece of the famous catwalk. Once again, the unusual representation was surprising and was an instant success. Comments from industry’s trusted people became a reputation among the general public and Roberto Cavalli quickly became the most popular brand in both traditional European and emerging US markets.


In 1977 Roberto was invited to be one of the judges in the Miss Universe contest. There he met one of the contestants, Eva Düringer, who represented Austria and won second place, who he married in 1980 and is the mother of three of his five children.

1994 came quickly. From the point of view of fashion, the 80s unfold under the lighting of New Baroque and Maximalism: a weak hedonism was condemned to end with the re-polishing of Minimalism. This was not an exciting time for Roberto, who devoted himself to his own business as well as to the breeding of horses.

Minimalist piracy was doomed to end and the Cavalli brand seemed destined to become the protagonist of the new fashion trend.

Then came the time of the first official fashion shows at Milano Collezioni, where the appearance of new jeans created using a special ageing technique with sand blasting opened the way for what will become glamorous by Roberto Cavalli.

The beginning of a new Trend

His measured pieces marked the beginning of a new femininity, which strengthened women with nice curves. The new trend has been born. However, the term “trend” soon became too limited to describe his success.

Roberto Cavalli became a real fashion star of the 1990s, a phenomenon that – according to informed observers – was intended to last for a long time as it was built on the lifestyle pillars rather than the slopes of the passes. Imagination and creativity have merged with research and technology.

Standard Cavalli prints have become more and more modern. Even the classic painter turned into a true distinctive mark that was constantly re-created through new modern forms. As far as jeans are concerned, Cavalli introduced yet another revolution: the introduction of the Lycra fibre, which made them elastic.

Cavalli is considered to be the designer of the star system. His slogan is that “a dress can change your life,” and the many celebrities and friends around the world who identify with its versatile style can confirm it.

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