When is a roof renovation permit required?

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In recent years, there have been many changes in the field of Building Permits and Construction Execution, which have raised questions and confusion among many interested parties, about when a Building Permit is needed for a roof renovation, in which cases a Small-Scale Works Approval is needed and in which no permit is required.

Many do not know that in order to carry out renovation and minor repairs such as:

  • demolition of the inner wall,
  • insulation, roof repair,
  • conversion of a window into a balcony door,
  • construction of simple fencing – fencing, etc.,
  • a relevant permit is required from the Town Planning.

So many times the citizens pay large fines, because of a complaint from a “bad” neighbor, because they repaired their roof or because they built a fireplace, etc.

What is a Small Scale License?

The Small Scale Permit is a form of building permit, but it concerns small-scale construction works, with a project budget of up to 25,000 dollars.

For which minor repairs – and other work is a small-scale work permit required?

  • Exterior painting work or replacement of railings or repair of coatings or repair of facades using scaffolding
  • Facing cladding and replacement of glass curtains using scaffolding,
  • Construction of a pergola with a surface of more than fifty (50) sq.m. in uncovered areas, courtyards, ground floor terraces. In roofs, open spaces and open balconies, the approval of small-scale construction works is required, regardless of the surface.
  • Ventilation ducts, chimneys, solar systems installations
  • Interior layouts
  • Construction of planted rooms and planted areas
  • Installation of external thermal insulation or passive solar systems on the exteriors
  • Maintenance and repair of roofs using scaffolding
  • Simple fencing from stonework up to a height of one (1.00) meter or fencing made of lightweight field material in off-plan areas and in settlements that lack a city plan
  • Prefabricated fencing, such as barbed wire, on plots not paved in areas within the plan
  • Construction of stoves and ovens with their chimneys, for the service of professional use
  • Construction of fireplaces with their chimneys in independent properties with residential use
  • Roof reconstruction
  • Functional joining of spaces
  • Exterior thermal insulation works or roof thermal insulation in the framework of the program “Home savings
  • Installation of autonomous heating system
  • Shelters and shelters
  • Interventions on the facades of buildings to modify or open new openings.

What documents are required?

Two types of supporting documents are required for the issuance of the Small Scale License:

  1. General Documents which accompany your file regardless of the type of work
  2. Special Documents which depend on the type of work you want to do.

What are the General Documents?

  • Application of the owner
  • Approvals of the competent services (e.g Forest Office, Architecture Council, etc.), where required
  • Technical report of an engineer
  • Cadastral certificate
  • Photos of the property
  • Copy of the Building Permit or other legal document
  • Declaration of consent of the co-owners of the property, if the works are carried out in common areas

What are the Special Documents?

The special supporting documents are submitted depending on the case. Indicatively, we mention the supporting documents for three common tasks:

  • Interior layouts with demolition of interior walls

1) Certificate from the engineer that the details of the load-bearing structure of the building are not affected.

2) Top view of the space

3) Technical Report of an engineer accompanied by sketches or drawings if required to adequately document the firing.

4) Drafting a project budget.

  • Roof Reconstruction

1) Certificate from the engineer that it has the same dimensions, that its volume does not change and that the final height of the building and the roof does not increase,

2) Top view, view and section

3) Responsible Statement of the engineer that the details of the load-bearing structure of the building are not affected

4) Statement of static adequacy by a competent engineer.

  • Construction of Pergola

1) floor plan and view

2) a copy of the topographic diagram of the building permit or the building permit if it exists or of the one attached to the legal deed, with the scaling of the facilities (Location, dimensions, distances, etc.).

3) statement of the Engineer that the ideal solid of the building is not violated.

I have arbitrariness in the building. Can I get a license or will they find my illegalities?

No. The small-scale permit can only be issued for legally existing buildings, i.e those that were built before 1955 or have a Building Permit in New Jersey or were arbitrarily settled / legalized.

Small-scale permits can also be obtained from buildings I have been permanently excluded from demolition.

In case there are arbitrariness in the building, then in order for the permit to be issued, the arbitrary ones must first be legalized based on Law.

How long does it take to issue a license?

The time of issuance of the permit from the moment the complete file with all the required supporting documents (including the approvals of the competent services e.g Forest Office, Architecture Council, where required) is submitted to the Building Service (Urban Planning) is about a week.

Do you need Engineer Study and Supervision?

The issuance of the Permit is done by the Building Service of the Municipality upon the request of the owner or by an authorized representative. In any case, however, a stamp and signature of a competent Engineer is required.

However, it is not mandatory for the engineer to supervise the work, unless the work requires the installation of scaffolding (scaffolding). In this case, the law requires the preparation by the engineer of a Safety and Health plan (SAY) and a Safety and Health File (FAY) as well as the supervision of their installation and removal by an engineer.

Of course, for other cases of work, such as the demolition of masonry or the reconstruction of a roof, etc., it would be good for the work to be monitored by an engineer, in order to have a safe and correct work.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the type of work to be implemented and this because the type of work depends on the supporting documents needed. Therefore, the interested party should first contact an engineer who will inform him about the work that will be required to submit all the supporting documents. The owner should also be aware that he is required to pay the building stamps that are calculated depending on the work to be done.

I failed to issue a Small Scale License. Do I have a problem;

Yes. You risk spontaneous arrest if you receive a complaint that you are carrying out works without a permit, while at the same time the Town Planning will be informed and they will assure you fines for the arbitrary construction that you are carrying out.

Generally the risk you take to perform the work without permission is high compared to the cost required to issue a Small Scale Work Approval.

How long does the Small Scale License last?

Valid for 12 months with the possibility of extension for another 6 months.

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Tips for the exterior painting of the house

Gikas Painting Service in Montclair

Exterior painting of your house is a huge job. But the rewards are great too if you choose Gikas Painting Service in Montclair .

With a minimum investment of money you extend the life of your siding and trim and increase the value of your home. Best of all, you’ll make it look like new again.

A good paint job requires countless hours of careful exterior paint preparation. Plan to devote an entire summer to prepare and paint even a medium-size house.

In this article you will find tips from professionals for the exterior painting of your home!

Tips for the exterior painting of the house

Think of the time of year

It is good to plan long before painting and to have predicted the weather pattern that you will have at the time of painting .

Choose a dry and dry season of the year as well as with low humidity. The paint needs time to dry and will not be absorbed by the surface if it is not dry .

Appreciate quality over price

Better quality paint means you will paint fewer times over time and have better surface coverage when painting.

Color technology has improved dramatically in recent years with colors guaranteed to last longer than before.

You may be tempted to save money on paint for your home by choosing a cheaper brand but you may have a problem in the long run and end up paying more.

Preparing and cleaning the surface

The paint will not be absorbed on dirty or rough surfaces. For this reason, make sure that the surfaces you will paint are smooth and let them dry.

Before you start painting a house, create a single surface where the paint will be easily absorbed.

Avoid eaten or rotten surfaces

The paint will not be applied on half-eaten or loose surfaces as they will continue to fade. You have several options in this case such as covering wood glue or new material to cover these surfaces and be able to apply the paint on top.

Use primer

It is  a good idea to use a good primer before you start painting your house . Specifically, before painting the surfaces, we must prime them.

This is a good general rule of thumb although many colors combine primer with color in a product. These products are more expensive but may be comparatively advantageous than buying primer and paint separately.

Paint from top to bottom

Starting from the top and working down helps you to better control the “drips” as you will work with the help of gravity and not “against” it.

Seal it

Properly closing the paint cans will help you to keep the paint from drying out for the next day when you are done. Use a rubber mallet to tap the closed lid. You can also stick plastic tape on the opening to ensure a tight seal.

Prepare the ground

It is easy to forget how messy your home can be when painting the house, so make sure you cover the floor, the plants and the space around the wall you are going to paint.

Also, move or cover furniture, barbecue, etc. Use cloths or sheets to cover the things you want to protect from the paint.

6 ideas for painting exterior walls

Choosing a color to paint the exterior walls of your home or apartment building is not an easy task.

Below we give you six ideas for painting exterior walls that will help you, in general, to choose the right color to highlight your property.

1. Light shades

Definitely choosing a light cream shade on the exterior walls can give the house a sense of nobility. Light gives volume and size. A white house visually shows us bigger.

2. One or more colors?

Of course, the whole house does not need to be painted one color on the outside.

If you want to play with two colors, you need to know that the successful combination in the right places is what will make the difference. But it needs attention where each color will be placed.

In case of combining two colors, it is better to follow the following rule: Paint in a darker color the surface of the wall that is receding in the front, that is, further back.

For example, on a covered terrace or a covered balcony, the shaded wall can be painted a different color, darker or even more intense than the rest of the house.

In this way you achieve a more pleasant and harmonious result as the eye better understands the arrangement of the tumors without getting confused.

Also, a whole volume that stands out from the main body of the building can have a different color, such as the exterior of the staircase in an apartment building.

3. Architecture trends

The modern trend in Architecture in recent years is to use color not as a decorative element of the building but as an important element to highlight the architectural composition of the building.

Thus, certain building blocks, such as columns and beams, are painted in specific colors.

A typical example of this trend is the coloring we see today in apartment buildings of the 70’s and 80’s. The frame of the building is painted in shades of gray or green and the walls in shades of white.

Other modern trends in the painting of exterior walls highlight the details of the building, such as gutters, chimneys, etc. that stand out from the main body of the building, and are painted in a different shade giving an elegant result.

Painted windows and doors in olive green, cypress, gray or the natural shade of hot wood or even cold aluminum also create an interesting color change on the exterior wall facades.

Even the frames painted in different colors besides white are interesting in appearance.

4. How is the weather?

Another thing that we must take into account when choosing exterior wall colors is the bioclimatic factor.

To be clear, you should know that facades that are “seen” more by the sun, eg south or west that are not shaded in the summer months, should be painted in light colors.

And this is necessary in order for the exterior walls to reflect and not absorb heat, heating the interior of the house even more.

5. Architecture style

If the property is old and has the architecture of an older era, then it is worth spending some time to highlight its elements with colors that match the houses of that time.

Also, if you like your neighbourhood and want to support a common style, then you can get ideas from the neighbouring houses and choose a color for the facade of your house that will enhance the image of your area.

6. Nature color palette

If your house is close to green, you can even get ideas from the color palette of nature by choosing shades of green, tile, ocher and generally earthy colors.

If your house is a country house or is located near the sea then you can turn to the countless shades of blue.

It is known that the eye loves natural colors, the colors that are found in nature. Earthy colors in shades of beige, brown, gray, but also the deep shades of red and yellow, blue and green.

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Colors and mood – How to feel beautiful in your personal space

Gikas painting in Montclair

Painters often come across many clients and friends who have noticed that their mood changes when they spend a lot of time in a room, it is likely that this is due to the predominant colors of that particular room.

As interior decoration becomes more and more popular and people become more interested in decorations and furniture, and colors have started to play a very important role in this equation.

“Colors, like facial features, follow the alternation of emotions,” Pablo Picasso once said. Even though there is not much research in this area, the field of color psychology has come to the fore in many areas, including interior design.

If you want to know what colors it is good to choose when decorating your home to always have a good mood, read below . You may discover a new hobby with the help of our professional painters of Gikas Painting in Montclair.

A subjective perspective on colors

Even though each of us perceives colors differently, there are some general rules about the influence they have on people’s moods. Initially, there is a clear and well-known difference between warm colors (red, yellow, orange, etc.) and cold colors (blue, green, violet, etc.).

Most people feel this difference the same way. The idea is that usually, warm colors encourage a sense of euphoria, warmth, and comfort.

On the other hand, cool colors promote feelings of nervousness, annoyance or even indifference. However, most people agree that a wall painted in a light shade of blue encourages calm and quiet.

Therefore, it is important to set some general rules when it comes to the emotions caused by certain colors (and non-colors as well), and how you can maintain a balance thanks to the various decorations and furniture in your home.

Black: mystery and flexibility

Even if it is essentially a non-color, black can have a very interesting effect if you choose to use it in the decoration of your home. For example, even a single black wall in your office can increase your creativity and calm.

If you do not want to go that far, you can always choose small black accessories and place them in central parts of the room.

For example vases, frames, and other small decorative items (trinkets, holiday souvenirs, even knobs or other details) that can offer a sense of elegance, boldness and mystery.

Also, black is very versatile and can be combined with almost all colors, depending on your preferences.

White: brightness and cleanliness

It is no secret that white creates the illusion of space in every room. It is also the secret weapon of decorators whenever they have small or dark rooms.

It is also a non-color and the most popular choice for walls in bedrooms, living rooms, offices or meeting rooms, as it offers a sense of cleanliness and freshness.

There is a reason that the ceilings are almost always white, as well as the curtains. Keep these ideas in mind when you decide to decorate the house and especially if you want to feel all of the above in the comfort of your personal space.

Red: intense emotions and passion

Most of us associate red with passion, desire, love, warmth, and comfort. These are all strong emotions that you can incorporate into your home with small details.

A red or burgundy curtain, a rug, a vase , some decorative pillows, a bed linen or even a fire-colored sofa can warm the whole house.

Because it is so intense, it is not easy to match the red in the interior decoration. However, some details can make the difference.

Usually, people choose this color for the bedroom or even the bathroom, where sandstone and faience are the main elements for building these strong emotions.

Blue: calm and order

It seems that blue is the favorite color of men and this may be due to the feelings of calm and order it evokes.

Indeed, many people choose to paint the walls or decorate their rooms in shades of blue because they can encourage a sense of moderation, security, and even honesty.

So, if you belong to these people, you can choose blue in all its shades without fear. It is easy to match furniture, decorations and walls thanks to this beautiful and serene color.

Green: refreshing and relaxing 

What do you usually associate green with? Trees, grass, leaves, or simply, with nature. Thanks to this correlation, green is considered by many to be the color of freshness and serenity.

Also, the color of the forest helps to relax and rejuvenate the spirit, something that makes it perfect for the bedroom, for example.

But if you do not want to turn your home into a forest, you can put some details that will make the difference and give you the mood you need.

Curtains, walls, bedding , decorative pillows or rugs can help. Freshness and optimism, perfect for a welcoming home!

Yellow: energy and happiness

Yellow is a color traditionally associated with the feeling of jealousy. It is a warm color that has gathered many contradictions around it.

Some prefer it for its energy, happiness, and warmth. Others hate it and say it bothers the eyes and the senses and spoils the mood.

Usually, this color is used in kitchens because, according to research, it activates the appetite.

So do not hesitate to use some yellow details (or orange if you want balance) when looking for a bright and warm result. But be careful not to overdo it because your guests may feel annoyed with all the yellow in your home.


Ultimately, it seems that even if each person is influenced by colors in a certain way, all the common characteristics we have mentioned can encourage similar feelings.

So, if you want to decorate your home and you are interested in the so-called psychology of colors, it would be good to consider these ideas.

This way, by using small color details or even central elements of the decoration, you can achieve the desired result when it comes to the mood of your home. This applies to you and those who visit you.

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Benefits of roof reconstruction

Gikas roofing - roof reconnstruction in Montclair

There are many who decide that there are more benefits in roof reconstruction, especially when it comes to an old house that is quite costly in its functionality, rather than buying a new one.

Waterproofing and thermal insulation of the roof

Initial work if you live on the top floor before starting the renovation is the waterproofing of the roof which is important to be sure so as not to create problems with the first rains in your renovated house. Then the thermal insulation of the roof is an investment for your home as on the one hand it improves your living conditions inside the house and on the other hand it improves your finances due to the savings of money and energy that it achieves. Do not forget that the top floors have large losses from their secluded roof and are one of the first tasks that we must put in the program.

External thermal insulation of the walls

The external thermal insulation of the walls, columns and walls also contributes to the energy upgrade. In addition it improves the appearance of the often brittle exterior walls by eliminating damage from moisture and mold. Insulation ensures a constant temperature inside the house, in the cold of winter and in the heat of summer, with a significant reduction of expenses for heating and cooling. Insulation also offers wall waterproofing from rain and water.

Thermal insulation of the floor

If you live on the first floor above the floor you will definitely feel the lack of thermal insulation such as cold and sometimes wet floor, mold low on the walls, inability to heat the space etc. The solution to all this is the thermal insulation of the floor. In this way, the thermal losses of the building are minimized and great energy savings are achieved.

Thermal insulation of the roof

Thermal insulation of the roof is necessary as it shows great savings in the energy consumed by a space to maintain the desired temperature and the money one has to buy this energy. The top floor under the roof is the one that is particularly stressed as it is affected in winter and summer by outside temperatures. Thermal insulation of the roof can be applied either externally or internally. In the first case of external thermal insulation, the polyurethane foam is sprayed on the tiles from the top and then it is covered with special brushed materials, usually in tile color, so as not to change the color of the roof. Polyurethane has perfect adhesion to the roof so it becomes a body with it. In the second case of internal thermal insulation, if there is a horizontal concrete slab between the roof and the interior, then the thermal insulation is applied either to the horizontal slab or directly to the roof.

Internal thermal insulation of walls

Internal wall and ceiling insulation is a fast, economical and efficient process. Internal thermal insulation is a good solution when there are problems of lack of thermal insulation in walls that are exposed and there are still other reasons, such as the inability of external thermal insulation due to high scaffolding costs, inability to access, etc.

  • Frame replacement
  • Gas installation
  • Upgrading of heating and air conditioning systems
  • Shading with awnings
  • Installation of solar water heater

However, apart from these subsidized works, many people decide to do other works during the renovation, such as the soundproofing of their house, which is often such a big problem that is the cause and the reason for starting a renovation. Soundproofing usually covers walls, ceilings and floors.

Roof waterproofing

In a sloping tiled roof, the waterproofing of the roof is achieved with special tiled roofing membranes. Due to the discontinuity of the tiles, the membranes come to guarantee the tightness of the roof.

Characteristics that they must have are complete tightness, vapor permeability, non-slip (for the safety of the craftsman) and resistance to drilling. In terms of vapor permeability, we know that spaces usually collect water vapor which must be released and removed from the building. A common feature of the membranes is their low weight of about 500 gr / m².

Technical tips for roof waterproofing with tiled roofing membranes

  • Correct slopes on your roof. The slope of your roof should be about 20%. The exact percentage depends on the area, the climate, the frequency of snowfall and rainfall, etc.
  • Laying membrane on the roof parallel to the gutters.
  • Fastening of the membrane with flat-headed nails. We always keep in mind the quality of the material as a key parameter. We always start from the lowest points in order to ensure the unimpeded flow of water.
  • Membrane overlap to prevent water from entering under the membranes.
  • Technical support from us before, during and after the execution of the project.

In a roof without tiles, the solution is asphalt tiles which lead to an aesthetically upgraded solution with excellent waterproofing. Asphalt tiles are asphalt-shaped tiles that look like tiles. Available in rectangular or circular shape with tile overlay in various colors or copper foil for rarer cases. They are glued with asphalt glue and nailed with special flat-headed galvanized nails to the sloping roofs. In our company you can find the color and design of asphalt tiles that you like and of course we undertake their application on your roof. Asphalt tiles are an alternative proposal for covering your roofs.

Technical tips for roofing with asphalt tiles

Roofers start by correcting the slopes on your roof. The slope of your roof should be about 20%. The exact percentage depends on the area, the climate, the frequency of snowfall and rainfall, etc. It is very important that the water does not stagnate on the asphalt tiles at all.

The weather should be sunny in the last days and it is not expected to rain in the following days. If there is trapped moisture in the slab which did not evaporate it will create problems on the roof of the top floor. Sealing visible cracks or holes is also important. These are details that make a difference.
Bonding of asphalt tiles with special glue. Always keep in mind the quality of the material as a key parameter. Start from the lowest points in order to ensure the unimpeded flow of water. Overlap of asphalt tiles in the provided positions. Fastening of asphalt tiles with special flat-headed nails.

Gutter sealing

Gutters or gutters are places that often suffer from moisture as they come in frequent contact with the water that wears them more and more, with the result that water passes and appears inside and outside the construction.

Sealing the groove is the sure solution to get rid of roofing problems in Montclair NJ.

Gutter waterproofing technical tips

We identify the real cause of the humidity that occurs. Inductively exclude other reasons that may be due to moisture before proceeding to sealing.

  • Dry surface. We start the work when the weather is sunny in the last days and it is not expected to rain in the following days. If there is trapped moisture that did not evaporate, it will create bloating on the tarpaulin.
  • Dismantling and removal of old asphalt sheets if any.
  • Scratching and restoration of swollen and brittle surfaces. Asphalt sheets should be glued to a stable surface because otherwise they will peel off along with the loose plasters.
  • Clean surface. Wipe the surface to be clean and free of dust and other objects.
  • Sealing visible cracks or holes. Details that make a difference.
  • Priming with good quality asphalt varnish which should dry before the asphalt sheets are applied.
  • Gluing asphalt sheets. We always have quality in mind as a key parameter.
  • Overlap of asphalt sheets by 10 cm. The points of the joints are very vulnerable, so the correct attachment is very important.
  • Sealing the joints by pressing on the ridges. We emphasize these points because they are the most frightening.
  • Protection of the sealed surface. Do not forget to clean the gutters from leaves that clog them and block the flow of water.

Technical support from Gikas Roofing in Montclair before, during and after the roof reconstruction.

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5 Creative ideas for painting the house

Montclair painting

The painting colors on the walls of the house are one of the most basic elements, as they give it character. They function as the main core, which will determine the entire decoration of each space. Painting the interior of the house requires brainstorming, in order to make the right color choices in Montclair.

Also, if you decide to make this change, you need to choose colors and styles depending on the space, their size and of course, consequently to suit your personal style. After all, every house is the imprint of our character.

Below is a guide to the 5 color categories and a list of ideas for painting of each room.

1. Basic colors

The given colors are important, as they are the basis for other colors. These include: red, green, yellow and blue. They are also the colors associated with modern styles, such as the Pop art style. You can apply them on small walls, to give more color.

2. Bright colors

Bright colors come from the spectrum of light. They are important as they have the ability to enlarge the spaces, to give the visual impression of brightness and to create an illusion of depth. They are suitable for all rooms, but especially for those that are smaller, so that they look more spacious and comfortable.

Also, white is a bright background color, it matches everything and is ideal for walls where you want to place paintings. Coffee and green, which are ideal for the library or office, also belong to this category.

3. Natural colors

This category is directly related to the colors of nature. They are ideal for bedrooms, as they provide warmth, comfort and relaxation. All earthy shades can give the space a sense of intimacy.

4. Intense colors

Intense colors include mainly the darkest tones, such as blue and orange. They are ideal if you want to give more warmth. They are also shades that highlight the house and give it personality.

However, it would be good to use them as the basic colors, i.e in small areas or alternatively in large rooms, so that the space does not seem limited.

5. Painting styles

If you want a more modern or alternative effect on the walls, you can choose a painting style. One idea is to turn a wall, for example, into a blackboard or paint it with a sponge to create vague shapes. Wallpaper installation is also another option.

Different painting ideas for each room

Living room

The living room is usually the largest space in the house. This fact, therefore, automatically gives you more freedom in choosing colors. One choice may be beige or white. Colors that are neutral, give prestige, make the space more chic and can be very easily combined with accessories and furniture.

Also, white can be used, if you like the minimal classic style. Chocolate, in addition, is easily combined with accessories and gives warmth and elegance. If on the other hand you want something more modern, choose shades such as green and turquoise, for a more playful style.


The shades that suit the kitchen are light gray and off-white. They are ideal if you have stone benches and cabinets. In fact, gray does not get dirty easily, while off-white gives more depth than white. If you want a more retro style, prefer bright green or petrol, bright colors that give character to your kitchen.

Dinning room

The dining room is the place where friends or family usually gather. Coffee – mink is the right color, as it conveys the warmth and the feeling of hospitality, which are important for this room.

Another option may be the blue-raff, which offers the balance between relaxation and luxury, with a more dramatic style. Also, burgundy, although heavier, can offer more warmth to the dining room.


The bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms. Choose shades that will be discreet and will not narrow the space further.

A good idea is the beige – gray, soft and comfortable color, which is easily combined with white as well as with pastel shades in the bathroom accessories. If you want a more vintage effect, choose the shade of mint.


The bedroom is characterized mainly by its more earthy shades. You can choose between olive, khaki or beige. These colors give warmth, comfort and convey the aura of the “classic”.

Also, ice white and sugar white are shades, which are characterized by their elegance. Finally, you can choose the gray – light blue, for a more intimate and bright room.

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How to disinfect our house

How to disinfect our house

On the one hand the viruses, on the other the spring allergies, surely during this period your house needs proper cleaning and disinfection from Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου Κηφισιά. But how do you clean your home completely, properly, in what order and where to start? Below you will find simple tips to make your home look and feel really clean, free of germs, dust and viruses.

Room ventilation

Start the day of the general cleaning of your house, ventilating each room well and do not forget to take blankets and duvets in the sun.

In any case, you should ventilate the house every day, so that the air is refreshed and diffused fresh inside the house.

This protects you more from viruses and allergies.


Thoroughly disinfect large surfaces such as benches, open-plan furniture, consoles, desks, play surfaces.

Use disinfectant cleaning liquid or cleaner with diluted bleach (in materials that do not fade) in a ratio of 1 to 10, where you will then rinse the surfaces with clean water.


Shake well all the carpets in the house, as well as the sofa covers. Let them ventilate for a while and then take them in and continue cleaning them with the vacuum cleaner, brush with a carpet cleaner and if necessary put a steam cleaner.

With a steam cleaner you can also clean the curtains, but also your mattress. The steam cleaner with the power of steam cleans difficult stains while at the same time disinfects, neutralizing 99.9% of germs without the use of chemicals.


The kitchen due to humidity but also due to daily feeding activity requires special attention.

  • Remove from the counter tops of your kitchen anything that has nothing to do with its function and clean thoroughly. Leave them clean and almost empty.
  •  Fill the sink with hot water, add a little soap and put in the removable shelves of the fridge, the dish rack or the microwave tray.
  • Dust over cupboards and the refrigerator, dust that will fall to the floor will be wiped off later.
  • Clean the taps and the outside of the kitchen utensils, but also the oven, refrigerator, etc., with a general purpose cleaner and rinse.
  • Put the sponges and vetches along with the items you have soaked in the sink in the dishwasher.
  • Vacuum carefully to remove dust and crumbs and then mop well.

There are special kitchen cleaners so you can easily clean everything in your kitchen.

To disinfect your refrigerator:

  • You have to remove the food (check expiration dates, throw away what has expired and bring forward the expired ones).
  • Clean the inside with a sponge dipped in warm water and a little dishwashing liquid.
  • You go everywhere with disinfectant (non-toxic) grills, cupboards, egg cases, base, etc.
  • Wipe with a damp clean sponge and wait for it to dry before putting your food back in.

To disinfect the dishwasher:

  • Check the drainage area and remove any food debris.
  • Then place a glass of white vinegar in the washing machine.
  • In another cup put baking soda (up to the middle of the cup) and place it on the top shelf.
  • Work for a wash cycle with the hottest water and after the wash is over, leave it closed for another 20 minutes.
  • Open his door and dried the inside with a clean towel or a soft sponge.


Clean your sofa after wiping it with the special brush of the vacuum cleaner or with a vacuum cleaner and pass it with a gentle cleaner. Then you can use a steam cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner is a good solution for small surfaces and for everyday use, as it is flexible, small and practical.


The bathroom must be disinfected daily for reasons of hygiene, as due to the bacteria that grow there it is the most “dirty” room in the house. For a “deep” cleaning, wear household gloves and start from the top down.

  • Wipe the bathroom floor well before you start anything, as water will fall and you do not want mud in your bathroom.
  • Clean the metal elements of the shower with a special product, wash the bathtub curtains in the washing machine and clean the bathtub with hot water and detergent.
  • Disinfect tiles, brush the dirt from the joints (with a hard brush or toothbrush dipped in bleach) while at the same time the bathroom should be ventilated.

  • Use the basin to clean sinks and faucets and finish them. Pour bleach and toilet disinfectant, rub with a spatula and pull out the cistern.

  • Finally, mop with floor cleaner or diluted bleach. To easily clean your bathroom, there are special bath cleaners.

To disinfect the washing machine:

Once a month put on a washing program with a temperature above 60 ° C. Put detergent powder in the case and let it work. You can also add 2 cups of vinegar in place of the detergent, to remove any odors that have been created inside.

Wiping – Mopping

You move armchairs and sofas (if possible), baskets, flower pots, boxes, nightstands, etc., and vacuum thoroughly the whole house. You also pay attention under the beds and on the legs of the furniture that collect hair and various dirt.

Mop the whole house with a biological cleaner and a few drops of disinfectant and change the water per room.

You can see for a good vacuum cleaner, for a professional one for your terrace or garden, but also the very easy-to-use robot vacuum cleaner, which will really “untie” your hands!


After removing the mattress cover, vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner to pick up dust, pet hair and dirt that has accumulated over time.

If there are stains, mix a few drops of liquid dish soap with warm water with a little baking soda and rub the stains. Wipe the whole thing with a cloth that you have sprayed with antibacterial liquid and try to aerate it, lifting it.

If possible, take the mattress out for a while in the garden or on the terrace, the sun and air are a great way to drastically reduce bacteria.


The windows are also a point that needs thorough cleaning, especially in a house with children who constantly leave footprints on their height.

Clean the surface with a soft, lint-free cloth, spray with glass liquid and wipe with a kitchen roller, ideally with newspaper sheets, as it will polish them perfectly or with glass cleaning rubbers.

When the rains stop and after washing balconies, terraces and shutters, you follow the same steps from the outside. To clean your windows there are small glass cleaning devices that make the whole process incredibly easy.

Knobs – handles

It is very important to frequently disinfect door knobs (especially the front door) and cupboards, the handles on your small appliances, the power switches, the keyboards, the TV remote control and anything else you touch almost every day!

You can see our article specifically for the disinfection of electronic devices. If you want to feel healthy, beautiful and relaxed in the house, these simple tips will help you a lot, as well as the simple moves that you can adopt in your daily life.

Then, enjoy your indoors activities in peace.

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Top 5 types of wooden floors and all you need to know!


Top 5 types of wooden floors and all you need to know!

The wooden floor is undoubtedly a very popular choice, especially for those who prefer the rustic and the traditional style of decoration. However, even if you prefer the modern, the wooden floor offers you countless options to integrate it harmoniously in your space.

You must have heard that this is a very special material. In the market you will find alternative solutions and items that cover all tastes and financial budgets. From laminate which is a kind of ready-made parquet floor with wood look to the impressive solid oak floor, there is always the ideal solution for every home. Before choosing, you should consider some basic parameters. They are the ones who will judge the suitability of each choice for the needs of your space.

We have compiled a list of the top proposals for the wooden floor and we present them to you along with their basic characteristics. What do you need to know about each species and how do you decide which one is best for your space?

What should you think about before choosing a wooden floor?

Of course, appearance plays a key role in choosing a wooden floor. Apart from this, however, there are other factors that you must take into account when choosing the right one for your space. One of them is definitely the price, but it is probably not the most important. Let’s look at the main ones: 1. Exposure to sunlight. 2. Percentage of Humidity inside the House and its fluctuations. 3. Cleaning Products and exposure of wood to chemicals 4. Frequency and type of maintenance – “How will you maintain the wood to perfection?” 5. Influence of maintenance on the appearance of wood in the long run 6. Movement of Wheeled Furniture in the area where the wooden floor will be placed

5 Popular types of wooden floors for your home!

The basic separation of wooden floors is based on the wood used, which is either soft or hard. Wood from broadleaf trees belongs to the category of hardwood, while those from coniferous trees belong to the softwood. This separation is not related to the durability of the floor over time or the lifespan of the wood. Below we will see some of the most popular of each category.

European Oak Wooden Floor

The oak wooden floor is among the top choices of those who love wood, for many centuries. It is distinguished for its high durability over time but for the satisfactory stability it offers. The oak floors stand out from their light brown color with the intense water that forms on their surface.

It is a construction of unrivaled aesthetics, able to meet even the most difficult technical requirements. The oak floor is available in a wide range of dimensions and qualities, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. In addition to the different varieties of wood, you have the opportunity to choose the color of your floor, since you can paint the oak wood floor in the shade of your choice. As for the price, it will be determined by the quality and the type you will choose.


Iroquois is the most widespread species of tropical wood in Greece. Its high strength and level of hardness make iroko suitable for both external and internal use. Apart from the installation of wooden floors, it is widely used in shipbuilding, the construction of frames and pergolas.

Iroquois wooden floor

Depending on the type and area from which the wood comes, its shades change. Starting with an intense ash yellow, iroko is even available in brown-red shades. What you should pay attention to is that due to its increased photosensitivity, it can change color very quickly and easily, especially when it is exposed to sunlight or placed outdoors.

If you want to install it in the bathroom, kitchen or combine it with underfloor heating, you should know that it is an excellent choice. If you have decided to proceed with the installation of underfloor heating at the same time, nothing limits you. After the hydraulic installation is completed, it is lined with cement mortar. The system should work for a few days and then the wooden floor will be installed.


Like iroko, the shower belongs to the tropical wood family. It is one of the most special and interesting items for the wooden floor. The doussie stands out for its rich ash-red color, which deepens the more it is exposed to the sun’s rays.

Wooden floor heartwood

The extremely high mechanical strength combined with the stability it presents place it among the top choices for heavy constructions. In addition to the wooden floor, it is used for the construction of frames, frames, furniture and tanks. It is also often placed on decks and ports.

If time plays an important role in your decision, the heartwood is a great choice. The heartwood in particular has a very long natural duration while at the same time it is quite resistant to insect and fungal attacks.


If you want to make the presence of wood felt in the space, then the walnut is an ideal choice to achieve it. This is a very special and warm solution. The shades of walnut start from dark brown and reach up to light black. Over time and exposure to the sun, its color lightens so it is usually painted before being varnished.

Walnut wooden floor

The incomparable aesthetics of the walnut in combination with the ease it offers in the processing, place it among the favorite woods for the construction of furniture and frames. The reason we do not find it so often on wooden floors is not related to its durability or quality, which is excellent. Its main disadvantage is the price, since it is a fairly expensive alternative. If you fell in love with its color and the image it gives to the space, you can look for offers that will make its cost more affordable.


In contrast to the walnut which has an imposing dark brown color, the creamy shade of maple is very close to white. It is also not at all sensitive to sunlight, retaining almost the same color over time.

Maple wooden floor

The maple is recommended for small spaces but also dark rooms that you want to visually enlarge. It is a fact that its light shade allows light to travel in space and will definitely make it shine. But let’s look at the technical characteristics of the maple. It has a very high hardness but a moderate reaction to the contraction – expansion of the wood. This makes it unsuitable for areas with high levels of humidity, such as the bathroom and kitchen, but also for the installation of underfloor heating.

Would you like to install a wooden floor in your Home but you have not decided what is the right choice for your space and needs? Seek the advice of evaluated professionals like Montclair Roofing and Contracting.

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4 Reasons why a suspended ceiling is ideal!


4 Reasons why a suspended ceiling is ideal!

Plasterboard suspended ceilings are one of the most common choices in the field of construction. The reasons for this are many, as drywall as a material gathers many benefits and advantages that make its choice a very smart move.

What is the procedure followed in suspended ceiling?

For the construction of a suspended ceiling with plasterboard, the following tasks are very simple. The specialized craftsmen of our platform, informed us about the steps that follow in the installation of a suspended ceiling with plasterboard. At the beginning, a metal frame is placed, at least one layer of plasterboard is applied and then they are plastered and trowelled. The repairs that are needed are minimal and that is why its installation is very easy and fast. But apart from the easy installation, the plasterboard suspended ceiling has a lot more to offer you.

What are the main benefits of plasterboard suspended ceilings?

Plasterboard suspended ceilings are distinguished for both aesthetic and practical reasons. In the following list you will find all the benefits that you will ensure by choosing the false ceilings with plasterboard:

1. Good insulation of the space

Plasterboard suspended ceilings offer unique sound insulation and effectively protect against annoying noises. At the same time they have good thermal insulation properties preventing constant changes in room temperature and saving money on heating and cooling costs.

2. Stability & Durability

Suspended ceilings and plasterboard partitions are very resistant both to the passage of time and to various stresses. They help in fire protection and are not affected by earthquakes.

3. Low Cost & Maximum Functionality

Plasterboard suspended ceiling construction, although it is possible at very affordable prices, can be very useful and serve many different needs. Combining low cost and high quality, they are increasingly preferred for various constructions.

4. High Aesthetic Result

Plasterboard suspended ceilings can be painted and processed very easily to match any style you want and create a unique result. The options you have are many and there are no design restrictions. From the above it is obvious that the plasterboard suspended ceiling is an excellent choice for any space renovation and if you wish to install it.

In what cases is the plasterboard suspended ceiling used?

Plasterboard suspended ceilings have many applications, which can be summarized as follows:

  • To cover imperfections such as cables, pipes, etc.
  • For installation of hidden lighting
  • For decorative reasons and elaborate constructions
  • For the soundproofing of a room
  • To cover heating and ventilation systems

Plasterboard suspended ceilings are selected for both business premises and homes as with the appropriate treatment they can cover even the most special case. But in order to have a satisfactory result that will last over time, the secret lies in good placement.

What are the benefits of a suspended ceiling?

The first and most immediate benefit, as you can understand from what we wrote above, is of course the aesthetic upgrade of the space in which this construction will be placed. The suspended ceiling can “lower” and reduce a high ceiling space or can be the “base” for the installation of hidden lighting.

In general, a suspended ceiling can take any shape, design and color the owner of the space thinks, since our experienced workshops are able to easily and quickly complete all projects. Whatever your vision for your space and its roof, our craftsmen will make it a reality.

But beyond these aesthetic benefits, there are “practical”. The first and biggest benefit of suspended ceilings is the fact that they provide perfect insulation, which makes them ideal for those who want to have a place that is cool in summer and warm in winter, but without high costs in heating and air conditioning.

It is understood that thanks to their insulating properties they can significantly reduce the so-called energy footprint of the space in which they are placed, thus contributing to the reduction of electricity and heating bills but also to the protection of the environment.

Suspended ceilings can also be used to “regulate” the noise and sounds generally produced in a space. It can be used to soundproof a store located in an apartment building or in another area where the noise of the stores is not tolerated.

However, suspended ceilings can also improve the acoustics of a space, which is why we often find them in conference centres and event venues in general.

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Is it time to change your floors?


Is it time to change your floors?

Are you fed up with the creaky noises that are coming from your floors – carpentry? Is it time to change your floors? Do not worry as it also happens in the… best families. There comes a time when time leaves its indelible marks on the floors and that is when we have to replace them with new ones. If you are in this situation, be sure to find out everything about their renovation.

It also happens in the… best houses. There comes a time when time leaves its indelible marks on the floors and that is when we have to replace them with new ones. If you are in this situation, be sure to find out everything about their renovation.

What parameters determine the time when the floors of a house should be replaced? It is a question that concerns many, since their participation in the general aesthetics and functionality of the personal space is important. The image of a wooden floor that has suffered from a lot of use, as well as a tile floor or fish floor, is not pleasant not only visually, but also practically.

There are also cases in which the floors are worn or open so much that they allow the sounds of the adjacent compartments to be transferred to your own. In these cases, their renovation is imperative. Before we begin, we must consider the cost of this work.

Why would you need to replace your floors?

The truth is that once you have installed wooden floors, you will not have to face problems any time soon. These types of floors could really last forever if they are looked after properly. You could just polish them once every five years and that could be it. The only occasions that could lead you to change them is if you experience a flood, termites, high levels of humidity or a hole due to extra weight or heavy furniture.

Last but not least, you could simply replace your floors if you want to renovate your house and have a fresh new start. Do not forget, that wooden floors are a timeless feature of your house and they will add value to it too.

Cost of the new floors

Most cases where the final cost is more than double the original budget are due to a change in the original design and modification of the original options. However, before you decide, it is good to take into account that the prices of the products differ and can range from 14 euros per sq.m. up to 100 euros per sq.m. Careful market research is indicated to see the full range of materials. You can choose wooden floors or tiled floors, granite, fish or terracotta. You can still install carpet or rubber overlays.

Wooden floors

The wooden floors are a classic proposal, with a long life and suit all interior decoration styles. In the case of renovation, there are alternatives, such as ready-made parquet from pressed veneer and laminate, instead of solid wood, which has peculiarities in the installation. It is easy to maintain and clean. Depending on how they are placed, you will find them on the market in four basic types, which cover absolutely all your needs.

Nailed parquet

Glued parquets can be glued easily and quickly on any floor made of fish, mosaic or concrete. They are a perfect solution where no nail can be installed, both for new buildings and for home renovations. It is made of solid wood, which means that they can be sanded and varnished as many times as the classic nailed parquet. Due to their dimensions and cut, they are suitable for cases where there is underfloor heating, as well as for the creation of designs.

Glued parquet

Glued parquets can be glued easily and quickly on any floor made of fish, mosaic or concrete. They are a perfect solution where no nail can be installed, both for new buildings and for home renovations. It is made of solid wood, which means that they can be sanded and varnished as many times as the classic nailed parquet. Due to their dimensions and cut, they are suitable for cases where there is underfloor heating, as well as for the creation of designs.

Pre-polished durable floor

It is a ready-made pre-varnished parquet of high strength. It is made of three layers of wood, which are pressed under special conditions of pressure and temperature, and six layers of ecological varnishes, passed to high-tech automatic machines. Its incomparable advantages make its choice unsurpassed for any space: easy, quick installation, even and arbitrary, without the need for sanding and polishing. They have a long shelf life as they can be sanded and varnished.

Carpentry experts

So, if you have decided to make a major change and get rid of your old floors, then we might have the best crew to suggest to you. The professionals of Gikas Contracting are located in New Jersey. You can book an appointment and let them show you around and design your new floors. You can also browse through their work

Put your trust on the experts of carpentry, floor, roofing, painting and flooring , and watch them transform your house. Your new floors will for sure amaze you and they will come to stay for a long long time!

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Housing Demand Spike Will be Temporary, Says Zoopla

Housing Demand Spike Will be Temporary, Says Zoopla

The housing desire jump expert at the time the housing sector reopened will be small-lived, according to Zoopla.

The home web page expects the leap in demand to be short-term, and that projections for a important financial drop and growing unemployment will moderate more advancement. 

Housing desire hit its greatest level considering that ahead of lockdown after the governing administration reopened the market place two weeks ago, and Zoopla says it expects sale volumes to enhance more in the small-term.

But the price of residence rate growth will stagger for the duration of the summertime months, after the influence of the coronavirus pandemic on the housing current market becomes apparent.

Richard Donnell, director of study and insight at Zoopla, said: “The scale of the rebound in need for housing is welcome news for estate brokers and builders, but it is also surprising provided projections for a sharp rise in unemployment and a big decline in economic development.

“The financial impacts of Covid-19 will develop in the coming months and uncertainty is constructing. The the vast majority of would-be movers approach to keep on their search, inspired by reduced home loan prices and continued federal government aid for the overall economy. 

“However, we count on the most recent rebound in demand to moderate in the coming weeks as customers and sellers start off to exert higher caution. Additional aid from the governing administration can not be discounted and would assist restrict the scale of the draw back hazards.”

(A lot more: £82bn Truly worth of Dwelling Gross sales Suspended Because of to Lockdown, Zoopla Reviews)

What Comes about Now?

Zoopla claims there are two salient factors to consider when predicting housing designs for the rest of the 12 months. 

To begin with, owning calculated that 373,000 profits had been suspended for the duration of lockdown, Zoopla states it is unclear how many of these income will make it to completion. 

All-around 40% of potential customers place their plans on keep through lockdown, citing deterrents these types of as market uncertainty, decline of profits and reduced assurance in future finances.

Next, will the pent-up demand submit-lockdown essentially convert into new profits? Zoopla explained a return of pent-up demand from customers was to be predicted, but the pace will probably drop supplied “the regular two-thirty day period lag in between new demand from customers getting into the current market and revenue currently being agreed”.

Furthermore, although purchaser need spiked by 88% throughout England after the housing sector reopened, not all demand will be satisfied if offered supply does not improve.

Donnell extra: “Many homes are very likely to have re-evaluated what they want from their house. This could very well demonstrate the scale of the demand returning to the market. We want to see additional supply come to the market place to satisfy this desire.”

The housing sector is still to reopen in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

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