Sex in Different Places

Spontaneous sex adds a little spice to a good relationship. While we all know that women like being wined, dined and sixty-nined at leisure before intercourse, the risk of getting caught and the thrill of deciding to go for it on the spur of the moment can very effectively replace foreplay. Of course there are unpleasant thoughts regarding the consequences of getting caught, which usually range from getting fired to being forever known as a pair of loose individuals who don’t have the decency to abstain from sex while in public.

And, of course, someone may actually call the police. But all these only add to the reasons why you should try having sex outside the house. If you want to do it, but get cold feet and decide to postpone the moment, it’s ok. You don’t have to rush it and sex outside the house is not mandatory. But it is lots of fun. For one thing, this kind of sex requires boldness and determination, which is something women admire in men. Especially women you can find as an escort or escorts.

It also requires planning ahead. Men should wear zippered trousers and boxers; things that can be pulled down and back up in a second. Women should wear skirts; and not very long skirts, if you please. You need something that won’t get in the way. Get a pack of sanitary napkins with you and some of that no rinse antiseptic handwash for the after action cleaning.

Since trips to the parents are a regular part of most couples’ lives, you could try to start there. It doesn’t really matter if you’re going to do it at your parents or at her parents’ place. So, wheneverSince trips to the parents are a regular part of most couples’ lives, you could try to start there. It doesn’t really matter if you’re going to do it at your parents or at her parents’ place. So, whenever you feel comfortable with the idea and naughty enough to take the chance, sneak out with an excuse and go for it. Do it on the kitchen table, while the coffee maker is on and you’re waiting for coffee.

Follow your lady into the bathroom and have hot sex in there. The garage is also a good place for sex. Not particularly inviting, but this is not the time to be choosy. Frankly, any free room is fair target. Just be careful not make a lot of noise. And where could one get hotter sex than in the sauna. You’re both hot and you’re both naked and relaxed; what else could one ask for? Sex is practically in the air. Those who like sauna sex, outside sex… this means having sex in the park or in an alley. If you’re going for the park, try to find a reasonably secluded spot that is also comfortable.

No thorns, no unpleasant branches and no mud or garbage. If you think an alley is more to your style, find one where parked cars can hide you, preferably one that is not faced by fifty windows or so. In both cases, your best bet is to have sex standing up, preferably with the man penetrating the woman from behind. This will let you scan the area while having sex.

Having sex in the office must be one of the most common fantasies about the nine-to-five population. A hot work mate hints at being ready and willing for a date and the next thing you know, your brain takes over and starts looking for opportunities everywhere. The storage room suddenly looks like a godsend: it is cluttered and has a door that can be locked or blocked. Working late is also on the list of things that start to sound good.

If both of you should work late, there’s no telling what might happen. Just be careful not to get caught. It’s bad enough to lose your job; you don’t want to also get a certain reputation that could make future employment difficult. The risks are high, but it’s also very much worth it. It’s a basic act of defiance that can be exhilarating for anyone and a wonderful thing to share with your partner or an escort or escorts. It will make for excellent memories later on.

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