Top 5 types of wooden floors and all you need to know!

The wooden floor is undoubtedly a very popular choice, especially for those who prefer the rustic and the traditional style of decoration. However, even if you prefer the modern, the wooden floor offers you countless options to integrate it harmoniously in your space.

You must have heard that this is a very special material. In the market you will find alternative solutions and items that cover all tastes and financial budgets. From laminate which is a kind of ready-made parquet floor with wood look to the impressive solid oak floor, there is always the ideal solution for every home. Before choosing, you should consider some basic parameters. They are the ones who will judge the suitability of each choice for the needs of your space.

We have compiled a list of the top proposals for the wooden floor and we present them to you along with their basic characteristics. What do you need to know about each species and how do you decide which one is best for your space?

What should you think about before choosing a wooden floor?

Of course, appearance plays a key role in choosing a wooden floor. Apart from this, however, there are other factors that you must take into account when choosing the right one for your space. One of them is definitely the price, but it is probably not the most important. Let’s look at the main ones: 1. Exposure to sunlight. 2. Percentage of Humidity inside the House and its fluctuations. 3. Cleaning Products and exposure of wood to chemicals 4. Frequency and type of maintenance – “How will you maintain the wood to perfection?” 5. Influence of maintenance on the appearance of wood in the long run 6. Movement of Wheeled Furniture in the area where the wooden floor will be placed

5 Popular types of wooden floors for your home!

The basic separation of wooden floors is based on the wood used, which is either soft or hard. Wood from broadleaf trees belongs to the category of hardwood, while those from coniferous trees belong to the softwood. This separation is not related to the durability of the floor over time or the lifespan of the wood. Below we will see some of the most popular of each category.

European Oak Wooden Floor

The oak wooden floor is among the top choices of those who love wood, for many centuries. It is distinguished for its high durability over time but for the satisfactory stability it offers. The oak floors stand out from their light brown color with the intense water that forms on their surface.

It is a construction of unrivaled aesthetics, able to meet even the most difficult technical requirements. The oak floor is available in a wide range of dimensions and qualities, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. In addition to the different varieties of wood, you have the opportunity to choose the color of your floor, since you can paint the oak wood floor in the shade of your choice. As for the price, it will be determined by the quality and the type you will choose.


Iroquois is the most widespread species of tropical wood in Greece. Its high strength and level of hardness make iroko suitable for both external and internal use. Apart from the installation of wooden floors, it is widely used in shipbuilding, the construction of frames and pergolas.

Iroquois wooden floor

Depending on the type and area from which the wood comes, its shades change. Starting with an intense ash yellow, iroko is even available in brown-red shades. What you should pay attention to is that due to its increased photosensitivity, it can change color very quickly and easily, especially when it is exposed to sunlight or placed outdoors.

If you want to install it in the bathroom, kitchen or combine it with underfloor heating, you should know that it is an excellent choice. If you have decided to proceed with the installation of underfloor heating at the same time, nothing limits you. After the hydraulic installation is completed, it is lined with cement mortar. The system should work for a few days and then the wooden floor will be installed.


Like iroko, the shower belongs to the tropical wood family. It is one of the most special and interesting items for the wooden floor. The doussie stands out for its rich ash-red color, which deepens the more it is exposed to the sun’s rays.

Wooden floor heartwood

The extremely high mechanical strength combined with the stability it presents place it among the top choices for heavy constructions. In addition to the wooden floor, it is used for the construction of frames, frames, furniture and tanks. It is also often placed on decks and ports.

If time plays an important role in your decision, the heartwood is a great choice. The heartwood in particular has a very long natural duration while at the same time it is quite resistant to insect and fungal attacks.


If you want to make the presence of wood felt in the space, then the walnut is an ideal choice to achieve it. This is a very special and warm solution. The shades of walnut start from dark brown and reach up to light black. Over time and exposure to the sun, its color lightens so it is usually painted before being varnished.

Walnut wooden floor

The incomparable aesthetics of the walnut in combination with the ease it offers in the processing, place it among the favorite woods for the construction of furniture and frames. The reason we do not find it so often on wooden floors is not related to its durability or quality, which is excellent. Its main disadvantage is the price, since it is a fairly expensive alternative. If you fell in love with its color and the image it gives to the space, you can look for offers that will make its cost more affordable.


In contrast to the walnut which has an imposing dark brown color, the creamy shade of maple is very close to white. It is also not at all sensitive to sunlight, retaining almost the same color over time.

Maple wooden floor

The maple is recommended for small spaces but also dark rooms that you want to visually enlarge. It is a fact that its light shade allows light to travel in space and will definitely make it shine. But let’s look at the technical characteristics of the maple. It has a very high hardness but a moderate reaction to the contraction – expansion of the wood. This makes it unsuitable for areas with high levels of humidity, such as the bathroom and kitchen, but also for the installation of underfloor heating.

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