Vanity Cosmetics manicure trends summer 2020


Vanity Cosmetics prepared a wonderful manicure collection with the new trends summer 2020.

Summer 2020 is a year that manicure makes an impressive turn in terms of size, colours and shapes and Vanity Cosmetics has the ideal Vanity Pro Fit varnishes.

So we remain beautiful even when we stay at home and get well-groomed nails and good mood with VANITY PRO FIT varnishes.

Watching the shows of the big fashion houses in New York, London, Milan and Paris, we stood out and present you the new trends in manicure for Summer 2020.

What are the shapes and lengths for Summer 2020?

This season is full of contrasts on all levels regarding manicure. The two most prominent lengths on the catwalks were the natural short but also the very large nails. Of course we also saw classic shapes like the round and the square that guarantee a great fit and image of your nails for summer 2020.

The colours that will dominate for this season are still yellow, metallic, red and all colours with a lot of glitter. Of course the classic shapes but also the colours of the French and the nude varnishes acquire a different look and design and are waiting for you to try them.

1. Natural short nails for summer 2020

The catwalks of many well-known fashion houses have proved that you do not need to have beautiful long nails to highlight the colour of your varnish. The models in many houses had the length of their nails so short that there was honestly no room to place a tip if needed or wanted.

2. Big and oval nails for summer 2020

The large oval natural or artificial nails add to our hands a more dramatic image but it remains a classic choice in contrast to the macaroon. So you can, like the models, keep a short length at your ends and when you have the mood or depending on the occasion, add them and thus complete your external appearance.

3. Natural round nails

It is no surprise this year that most designers have chosen the round shape at the ends of their models and the short nail length to keep it beautiful and functional.

4. Macaroon shape

The macaroon shape in long length is one of the most dramatic and impressive shapes and lengths of all times. They are often called stiletto nails and despite their intense image, they are a very feminine feature of the appearance of many women. At fashion weeks we saw many fashion houses go a step further and decorate them with different colours, shapes and accessories.

5. Transparent nails

If you belong to the category of women who like simple designs and colours then you do not need to worry about the summer trends for 2020. The trend for transparent but healthy edges is an ideal choice for you. Treat your nails and then apply a clear varnish to highlight and keep them strong and beautiful.

6. Classic French manicure

The classic French manicure will never go out of fashion trends as it helps our nails look healthier and more beautiful. So choose something elegant and beautiful if you do not want to try something unusual. A wonderful French manicure matches perfectly with the simple trend in make up for summer 2020 and the abundance of flowers, while giving the ideal contrast to the dark tones of make up. The even thinner line in the French manicure is definitely something that we will all try and love.

7. Monochrome nails

Monochrome nails remain for another season in the hottest trends and are now a classic choice. So you have the freedom to paint all your nails in one shade or just use a different nail polish on one finger. This is the simplest, but equally impressive trend and you do not need to be a professional to follow it. You can simply do it yourself at home! Experiment with the combination of colours and geometric patterns will have their honorary each time.

8. Small touches of colour on transparent nails

Even if you are experimenting with the way you will decorate your nails, you can always make your transparent nails a little more attractive by adding geometric shapes or even in metallic colour or a different upside down French. Small blue dots create a very special and dynamic manicure.

9. 3D Nails

At this time the options we have for our 3D creations are many. Of course you should choose according to your personal taste and you will definitely not go unnoticed. Experiment with the length, the colours but also the theme and the decorative elements. Choose minimal creations or stiletto nails decorated with crystals and roses.

Of course, pearls could not be absent from the decorative elements added by the big fashion houses at the ends of their models. So pearls take place on our nails for summer 2020 in addition to our hair accessories and jewellery.

10. Yellow and red colours

When we think of the ultimate summer colour for our nails, of course we can not compare yellow with any other colour. It is the choice of most famous and non-famous fashion houses in the world and you consider it a canvas but also the ideal for every woman.

Another classic colour that many of us wear all year round is red. Timeless, seductive and sexy, combine it with your favourite red lipstick and surely no one will be able to resist you.

11. Metallic, animal print and glitter nails

Choose metallic shades this summer as well, but avoid the classic gold. Prefer metallic pink in its most dramatic version in stiletto shape.

Tiger, zebra and leopard print are the trends that dominate this summer in many fashion houses and of course in our extremes. Choose the print that you think it represents and impress!

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