Web Hosting vs Domain: What are their differences?

Many people who are just starting out on the internet and want to create a website, do not know that domain name and web hosting are 2 completely different things!

A website is made up of different elements that work together harmoniously to display your content to visitors. It is impossible to have a website without web hosting or domain name – you need both!

For example you can have all your files in one hosting space but if you do not have a domain name, then they can not be accessible to the public – except with the IP and the exact path!

If this sounds like a bit of a distraction, don’t panic! Read the article to the end and you will understand the differences between domain and web hosting, as well as how these 2 are connected.

What is Web Hosting?


In order for your website to be online, 24 hours a day, you must either have your computer open at all times (and of course properly configured to function as a web hosting server) or purchase a web hosting package.

Of course, over 99% of the world chooses the 2nd solution – the purchase of a web hosting. Web hosting services are usually charged per month, depending on the package and benefits you choose.

The company – provider will provide you with the available space where you can upload your applications and files to be accessible to the general public. A company that specializes in web hosting has all the necessary technical infrastructure to host the files of your website.

Your package, and then your website, will simply own a small portion of a server, as it will share it with dozens or hundreds of other websites! But do not be intimidated by this, as shared web hosting has many advantages, such as:

  • Low cost: shared hosting has the lowest cost and is the ideal choice for those who are just starting their online adventure with a new website.
  • Very easy to use: Shared web hosting is very easy to use as everything comes pre-configured. You just have to upload your files!
  • Instantly upgradeable: Whenever you want, you can upgrade your package to a bigger one with more space and more features!


To start hosting your website, all you have to do is choose the right web hosting package from the various providers available. We suggest you choose a Greek company for better speeds and more immediate support.

What is a domain name?


The domain is the name of a website, as it must be written for anyone to have access! For example, on our website the domain is MyIP.gr – if you type it you will be directly on our website! If domains did not exist, users would have to remember a number (IP) to be able to access your website.

Now, the domain name covers IP “as a mask” so your visitors only need to know the name of your website!

There is a lot of “background” behind each domain and how it relates to the web hosting package you have (with name servers, A records, etc.) but you do not need to know them!

How Web Hosting and a Domain Name Work Together!


In order for your website to be online and accessible from anywhere and everyone, all you have to do is buy a hosting package along with a domain. In the company you will buy – we recommend the Greek company MyIP – you will use some name servers that you must declare in the domain you bought.

If you buy domain + web hosting together, then it is very likely that this process will be done by the company and you will not do anything. Otherwise, you will simply enter 2 to 4 name servers in the corresponding field of your domain (in the domain administrator). This way you declare in the domain “where to find” your files and display them when you enter the name of your website.

From now on, all you have to think about is the construction of your website, as in less than 24 hours the domain will be ready for use! To get started and choose your own domain along with a web hosting package, click here!


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