The most erotic day of the year is approaching, γυναικεία ρούχα. One of the most common questions we hear right now is, “What should I wear on Valentine’s Day?”. This holiday is not for everyone, that’s for sure. But whether you are in love or not, it is worth emphasizing your appearance and playing with your style for that day. And how do you know? You can also have your luck!

So for you, who want to wear something different, but not to be clichéd and excessive with your outfit, I have 5 suggestions today. Look at them, make your own and play!

Satin skirt

Instead of wearing a floral dress, choose a silk skirt or a lingerie dress. It’s equally fun and feminine, but it allows for more styling options. Keep the shade soft – lilac, pink or petrol – and combine it with an oversized sweater. Complete the outfit with a pair of boots, preferably in the same shade as the sweater. The contrast of the elegant feel of the skirt with a voluminous knit gives interest and freshness to your appearance, but without exaggeration.

Full in red

Wearing red on Valentine’s Day is a bit of a cliché. If, however, there is a day when you can experiment with color and make a total red look, this is definitely it. If you choose, for example, red pants with a top in the same shade, it does not make you a cliché. On the contrary, you look updated and fashion forward. Learn how to create a total red look here.

Inflatable sleeves

A dramatic sleeve is a fun and effortless way to upgrade your evening looks. Let the top steal the show, wearing a simple pair of pants from below and do not hesitate to wear an intense earring to complete your look.

Velvet pants

High-waisted velvet pants are elegant and practical. The perfect choice for you who are cold. But beware: because velvet is a thick fabric, choose a light blouse to balance the look, and a good, woolen coat, so as not to get cold.

Wrap top

A wrap t-shirt is an easy way to “dress up” your favorite jeans. It flatters your silhouette and has a comfortable fit. In addition, you can adjust the neckline according to your mood. You can combine it with high heels or a pair of heels and you are ready, whatever the plans of the day.


This is a trend we love to hate! We usually avoid them as we find it difficult to combine them, but undoubtedly a print gives a unique, personal touch to your look. For example, in a classic look, a bold pattern or a unique print can make the difference and give another air.

When I talk about print I am referring to all kinds of patterns from stripes, floral, animal print, plaid and everything else you can imagine (literally).

Many people do not like prints at all and will probably never like them. But if you would like to try them, here are some tips.

Classic look

So you can start with something more discreet, with colors from the same palette or very few colors. The slim striped suit we see everywhere this year, let’s say, is a great start.

One piece

Try a printed dress or a one-piece suit. In this case you do not have to think about what to combine it with! A bright pattern with vivid colors will say by itself what you want to express.

Matching accessories

Make sure your accessories are in balance with the print you choose. In no case do you want your outfit to become too talkative. If you are wondering what color shoe fits, choose one of the colors that are already in the print of the garment. The same goes for the bag you will keep although they do not need to fit together, the matching accessories are so outdated!

Color Pop

The most intense patterns usually look more modern when worn with neutral shades (gray, black, white, brown). This gives you more emphasis on the colors of the print. Of course, if you are brave and like to play with colors, you can achieve miracles!

Clashing prints

You can even use two or three different prints in the same look! Who will stop you? Besides, in fashion there are rules but at the same time they do not exist at all.