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In recent years, there have been many changes in the field of Building Permits and Construction Execution, which have raised questions and confusion among many interested parties, about when a Building Permit is needed for a roof renovation, in which cases a Small-Scale Works Approval is needed and in which no permit is required.

Many do not know that in order to carry out renovation and minor repairs such as:

  • demolition of the inner wall,
  • insulation, roof repair,
  • conversion of a window into a balcony door,
  • construction of simple fencing – fencing, etc.,
  • a relevant permit is required from the Town Planning.

So many times the citizens pay large fines, because of a complaint from a “bad” neighbor, because they repaired their roof or because they built a fireplace, etc.

What is a Small Scale License?

The Small Scale Permit is a form of building permit, but it concerns small-scale construction works, with a project budget of up to 25,000 dollars.

For which minor repairs – and other work is a small-scale work permit required?

  • Exterior painting work or replacement of railings or repair of coatings or repair of facades using scaffolding
  • Facing cladding and replacement of glass curtains using scaffolding,
  • Construction of a pergola with a surface of more than fifty (50) sq.m. in uncovered areas, courtyards, ground floor terraces. In roofs, open spaces and open balconies, the approval of small-scale construction works is required, regardless of the surface.
  • Ventilation ducts, chimneys, solar systems installations
  • Interior layouts
  • Construction of planted rooms and planted areas
  • Installation of external thermal insulation or passive solar systems on the exteriors
  • Maintenance and repair of roofs using scaffolding
  • Simple fencing from stonework up to a height of one (1.00) meter or fencing made of lightweight field material in off-plan areas and in settlements that lack a city plan
  • Prefabricated fencing, such as barbed wire, on plots not paved in areas within the plan
  • Construction of stoves and ovens with their chimneys, for the service of professional use
  • Construction of fireplaces with their chimneys in independent properties with residential use
  • Roof reconstruction
  • Functional joining of spaces
  • Exterior thermal insulation works or roof thermal insulation in the framework of the program “Home savings
  • Installation of autonomous heating system
  • Shelters and shelters
  • Interventions on the facades of buildings to modify or open new openings.

What documents are required?

Two types of supporting documents are required for the issuance of the Small Scale License:

  1. General Documents which accompany your file regardless of the type of work
  2. Special Documents which depend on the type of work you want to do.

What are the General Documents?

  • Application of the owner
  • Approvals of the competent services (e.g Forest Office, Architecture Council, etc.), where required
  • Technical report of an engineer
  • Cadastral certificate
  • Photos of the property
  • Copy of the Building Permit or other legal document
  • Declaration of consent of the co-owners of the property, if the works are carried out in common areas

What are the Special Documents?

The special supporting documents are submitted depending on the case. Indicatively, we mention the supporting documents for three common tasks:

  • Interior layouts with demolition of interior walls

1) Certificate from the engineer that the details of the load-bearing structure of the building are not affected.

2) Top view of the space

3) Technical Report of an engineer accompanied by sketches or drawings if required to adequately document the firing.

4) Drafting a project budget.

  • Roof Reconstruction

1) Certificate from the engineer that it has the same dimensions, that its volume does not change and that the final height of the building and the roof does not increase,

2) Top view, view and section

3) Responsible Statement of the engineer that the details of the load-bearing structure of the building are not affected

4) Statement of static adequacy by a competent engineer.

  • Construction of Pergola

1) floor plan and view

2) a copy of the topographic diagram of the building permit or the building permit if it exists or of the one attached to the legal deed, with the scaling of the facilities (Location, dimensions, distances, etc.).

3) statement of the Engineer that the ideal solid of the building is not violated.

I have arbitrariness in the building. Can I get a license or will they find my illegalities?

No. The small-scale permit can only be issued for legally existing buildings, i.e those that were built before 1955 or have a Building Permit in New Jersey or were arbitrarily settled / legalized.

Small-scale permits can also be obtained from buildings I have been permanently excluded from demolition.

In case there are arbitrariness in the building, then in order for the permit to be issued, the arbitrary ones must first be legalized based on Law.

How long does it take to issue a license?

The time of issuance of the permit from the moment the complete file with all the required supporting documents (including the approvals of the competent services e.g Forest Office, Architecture Council, where required) is submitted to the Building Service (Urban Planning) is about a week.

Do you need Engineer Study and Supervision?

The issuance of the Permit is done by the Building Service of the Municipality upon the request of the owner or by an authorized representative. In any case, however, a stamp and signature of a competent Engineer is required.

However, it is not mandatory for the engineer to supervise the work, unless the work requires the installation of scaffolding (scaffolding). In this case, the law requires the preparation by the engineer of a Safety and Health plan (SAY) and a Safety and Health File (FAY) as well as the supervision of their installation and removal by an engineer.

Of course, for other cases of work, such as the demolition of masonry or the reconstruction of a roof, etc., it would be good for the work to be monitored by an engineer, in order to have a safe and correct work.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the type of work to be implemented and this because the type of work depends on the supporting documents needed. Therefore, the interested party should first contact an engineer who will inform him about the work that will be required to submit all the supporting documents. The owner should also be aware that he is required to pay the building stamps that are calculated depending on the work to be done.

I failed to issue a Small Scale License. Do I have a problem;

Yes. You risk spontaneous arrest if you receive a complaint that you are carrying out works without a permit, while at the same time the Town Planning will be informed and they will assure you fines for the arbitrary construction that you are carrying out.

Generally the risk you take to perform the work without permission is high compared to the cost required to issue a Small Scale Work Approval.

How long does the Small Scale License last?

Valid for 12 months with the possibility of extension for another 6 months.

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